The Grand Golf Course Gold Coast

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In August 2014 we were involved with extensions to the existing irrigation system.

The Grand Golf Course one of the one most prestigious clubs on the Gold Coast located at Gilston.
The main aim was changes to shape and drainage, so that the rain water is contained and redirected to minimise erosion. As you can see the work is quite extensive so it is paramount to ensure the new turf thrives. Not only for appearances but also to ensure the overland flow does not cause rutting due to erosion.
Our part in this may seem minor compared to the earth works required, but without an well established turf root base, the earth work would not remain in place. Without adequate water this root system will never establish to its true potential causing all this effort to simply wash away. The soil medium plays a major part, a soft medium with the right nutrients provides the right condition for
root generation, but water is the key.
In this instance we were fortunate one spare cable was available and existing services were easily located. We then ran the existing sprinklers to acquire their location, this shows what additional sprinklers were required to adequately water the new area. A new fifty millimetre solenoid valve was installed by using a eighty millimeter tapping saddle, fitted to the existing PVC main line. This valve was then wired into the satellite system using the one spare cable available. The spare wire was an important factor for the simple reason it was not necessary to run new cable back to the satellite causing more damage to established fairways,
buggy paths, or existing services.

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Having located all the existing sprinklers in the immediate area, the new work was marked out at twenty metre spacings, and excavation to the four new locations commenced. From the new valve sixty three OD (outside diameter) class twelve point five poly was installed to each of the four new sprinkler locations. Each sprinkler is fitted by way of an articulated riser, this allows each head to be raised or lowered without major disruption to the area. However the sprinklers are not fitted at this time, the risers are capped and buried in sand, allowing the earth works to accomplish final trim. This way the operators are not restricted by obstacles, and the sprinklers don’t suffer any unnecessary damaged during this procedure.
Once this work is completed the sprinklers are fitted to finished grade. Then the new turf is laid and watered in immediately.
There are several manufacturers that produce quality products for this type of application, in this case Rainbird 900 series sprinklers and a fifty millimeter PGA solenoid valve were installed. Simply because this equipment is in place throughout the rest of the course.

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