Irrigation Supply

When it comes to supplying the right equipment that is top quality at reasonable prices, we can complete your project with our qualified team. Let us design, supply and install your job today!. Here are the steps on how to install a perfect sprinkler system which includes connecting water source, trenching, PVC pipe, shut-off valves, manifold, wire connection, installing desired sprinklers and flushing your system:

Most commercial and residential irrigation systems nowadays are equipped with in ground systems, meaning everything is under the ground. This results to a more presentable and cleaner landscape as the irrigation valves are hidden and there are no garden hoses or sprinklers moving manually.

Today’s era of irrigation is becoming futuristic! Several smart controllers has the ability of adjusting the time of watering in response to recent environmental and soil moisture status. The smart controller assesses and determines the current condition through its historic weather data, soil moisture sensors, site weather stations, rain sensor or any combination of these.

With our irrigation system smart controller, together with our irrigation supply, makes us the top service in this industry. We have the following irrigation supplies that we can use in order to provide our clients with the best irrigation service:

  • Lawn Sprinklers. We have the largest selection of sprinkler parts used by professionals at the lowest available price. We have Weathermatic sprinklers, Hunter sprinklers, Toro sprinklers, Rain Bird sprinklers, , K-Rain sprinklers, and Irritrol sprinklers suitable for every lawn sprinkler system.
  • Sprinkler Valves. Our sprinkler valves are made of plastic for residential use and for commercial applications, we have metal valves to ensure that is heavy-duty. Our electrically operated sprinkler valves utilize low voltage only, specifically 24 volts.
  • Sprinkler Valve Boxes. We ensure that our irrigation valve box are durable enough to withstand any pressure and environmental conditions.
  • Sprinkler Controllers. Our controllers has multiple programs to allow various watering frequencies for several plant types, rain and freeze sensors, rain delay settings, weather data, soil moisture sensors, and remote operation.
  • Drip Irrigation Supplies. Our drip irrigation or trickle irrigation, ensures that water and fertilizer are conserved because it allows water to slowly drip to plant roots either to the surface of the soil or directly to the root through valve networks, tubing, pipes and emitters.
  • Netafim Drip Supplies. We have stocks of wide array of micro irrigation parts and Netafim drip used for low-volume irrigation systems.
  • Backflow Prevention Devices. Backflow prevention especially of contaminants into potable system of water is very crucial to commercial and industrial applications. We have backflow prevention devices manufactured by largest suppliers, thus ensuring quality.
  • Sprinkler Brands. We provide the best feature regarding irrigation sprays, nozzles and rotors in the irrigation industry. We offer the top irrigation supply brands such as Weathermatic, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro and Rain Bird.