Irrigation Installation

After all the planning is done, all the parts are available and you are ready to go, installation will now start. We will show you and give you installation guides which are done by professional like us, for you to learn. Here are the steps on how to install a perfect sprinkler system which includes connecting water source, trenching, PVC pipe, shut-off valves, manifold, wire connection, installing desired sprinklers and flushing your system:

Step 1.Put a mark or flag at the location of every sprinkler as indicated in your plan or blueprint. You may use strings in order to show where the pipe will be located. Make sure you know the exact location of all your gas lines, cable TV lines and other power lines prior to digging. In case you need help, you may want to contact specific utility companies.

Step 2.Start digging trenches following the string. Now mark the sprinkler locations. The ideal trench depths must be from 6 to 12 inches. You can rent a power trencher to make the trenching much easier. Be sure to provide sufficient space between valves so that removing it can be done easily in case of replacing.

Step 3. Check your water supply. It is best to check it with your dealer in order to find which connections fit for local codes and conditions.

Step 4.Now, assemble the manifold. If required, connect a back-flow preventer.

Step 5.Put the pipe’s length along the string after you have laid out the appropriate sprinklers and connectors. The use of EZ Pipe makes or swing joints aids in easy positioning.

Step 6.Start the assembly from one sprinkler location to the next location. Do not rush connecting the sprinkler until every piece is already assembled so that you can easily flush the system to clear out unnecessary dirt that may be stuck into the pipe.

Step 7.Flush the system manually. Turn on the water in order to supply the system, and then do manual operation of the valves in order to flush the system. Now open each valve to flush water into each pipe and then close.

Step 8.Connect the sprinklers after flushing.

STEP 9.Connect the wire and the valves into the time. See timer instructions for further details. Jot down which timer station runs what specific zone and keep these notes near your timer. You can now test each zone in order to control the valves. Make necessary adjustments regarding the distance and directions. When everything seems to work right, you can now bury the pipe.