Domestic Irrigation systems designed for water harvesting

tank buddy 1

Rain water is stored in water tanks, when available this water is used to water gardens and turf.

Needless to say at some point this water is depleted, in this instance what we have installed is known as a tank buddy.

This valve can be set to only allow town water to enter the tank when the tank is eighty percent empty.

The tank buddy has a second float that can be set so that town water never fills the tank more than thirty percent.

So when the rain comes there is there is a seventy percent storage capacity available.

This all happens while you at work or on holidays without raising a finger.


For this application we selected a Lowra submersible pump complete with float valve, this float will shut down the unit in the event of dry running.

The pump is also wired through a press control, the press control senses a loss in pressure when a solenoid valve opens and starts the pump.

When watering is completed this device senses the increase in pressure and shuts down the pump. This unit will also sense when there is no water available and stop the pump.

You might be thinking there is no need for a float valve on the pump, but we all take things for granted and should a unchecked problem occur this float will save your pump.

irrigation 5

The submersible pumps are a little dearer than conventional pumps, we choose them for several reasons:

One of the main reason for pump burn outs is problems with the suction line, by selecting a submersible all these problems are eliminated.

Irrigation pumps normally start around five AM, with conventional pumps there is a little noise involved. At five AM its a lot of noise.

Having the pump submersed in water creates no noise, and the performance is a little more efficient.


The performance of the pump determines the irrigation lay out, in this case we had ninety litres per minute at six hundred KPA.

So we can run x amount of sprinklers at one time, this varies on what type of sprinkler you want to use. Always check the sprinkler performance charts.

With any system big or small it is imperative to get this right the first time.


With this system we used Hunter products, PGP for the turf, PS series shrub heads for the gardens, a Hunter I-Core controller with PGV solenoid valves.

There are several quality brands it just a matter of preference, as the client the choice is yours.

We find reliability, user friendly and availability the key issues, Hunter has you covered.